Welcome to the world of smart dorm

The Smart Dorm Company, founded by two Montana university students, utilizes new innovations to establish smart infrastructure for various facilities. We are focused on creating cost-effective sustainable technology for large-scale residential facilities.

Want to learn about the Smart Dorm Journey? Check out this podcast that our founders Kolter Stevenson and Trevor Wilson were on to explain just that!

Our Process

Our team employs new, custom-engineered products to optimize energy usage in residential facilities.

What Makes Us Different

Solutions fit to your needs

At Smart Dorm we understand that every facility is different. Our product is custom made to fit the exact specifications of your business.

customer service

We take pride in our customer service. Smart Dorm is always working to identify and anticipate needs that clients may need, while also constantly being open to client feedback.

Focus on sustainability

Smart Dorm lies between the intersection of cost effectiveness and sustainability.